Welcome to The Health Realist!

I’m Steeveau (pronouced “Steve-O”), founder and administrator of this website.

The Health Realist First things first: I am not a doctor, naturopath, certified personal trainer or dietician.

I’m just a 28 year-old health-nut, minimalist and free-thinker who has devoted a great portion of his time over the past decade into figuring out, through personal experience, thorough research and rational analysis, what really works in terms of achieving optimal health and fitness while saving money in the process.

The purpose of this website is to provide you with useful information on how you can take your physical and mental well-being to the next level through some of the simplest, safest, most frugal and yet nonetheless highly effective means possible.

Most everything I promote here should aid you in your quest towards:

  • looking better
  • feeling better
  • thinking more clearly and positively
  • getting in better shape
  • saving money
  • quitting or avoiding something you shouldn’t be doing

Nothing I have to say here hasn’t been advocated before. The Health Realist is simply a source of consolidated useful health and fitness tips provided from a perspective of sound reasoning and verifiable results.

I aim to keep my message simple and to the point while never leaving out anything of particular importance. I am also a man of integrity and will not advocate or sell anything I don’t firmly believe in.

Anything that can help you improve something so all-encompassing as your personal health should be, at the very least, worth looking into. I hope you find this site a great resource for doing so.

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