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Making Full Use of a Whole Chicken- Part 2: The Stock

Bone broth is one of the healthiest sustenances you can put into your body. Although it can be made from the bones and other scraps from a multitude of animals, here, we will be focusing on perhaps its most prominent variant: chicken stock.

Unknowing skeptics might be quick to dismiss it as just another “trendy food fad” because of its recent reemergence of popularity within the health foods scene. However, its indisputable healing, strengthening and anti-aging qualities have been appreciated by traditional cultures from all over the world for thousands of years. Continue reading

Making Full Use of a Whole Chicken- Part 1: The Meat

A whole chicken the healthiest and most frugal poultry investment you can make. It comes with more meat per cent than do individual chicken parts while also containing plenty of bones and other inedible pieces to make a nourishing chicken stock from.

Any whole chicken will work, but I recommend buying it free-range. A chicken that can roam around out in the open and eat bugs and veggies will naturally be leaner, healthier and tastier. Try stripping a cooked free-range chicken down to the bone and notice how little (if any) gristle you find in comparison to a conventionally raised chicken.

free-range chickens

Healthy chicken comes from healthy…… chickens.

I also highly recommend using a slow-cooker for the sake of economy, convenience and safety. Continue reading