Convict Conditioning 2 by Paul Wade

Convict Conditioning 2 is the sequel to what many consider to be the greatest exercise manual ever written. If you haven’t read my book review for the original Convict Conditioning, please do so before reading any further.

What Hasn’t Changed since the Original Convict Conditioning

Everything I praised Paul “Coach” Wade’s writing style for in the first book is present throughout this one as well:

  • He is just as entertaining, witty, articulate and in-your-face as always.
  • His workout instructions remain straight-forward, easy to comprehend and only as elaborate as they need to be.
  • His exercise progressions are steady, safe, highly effective and applicable to people of all fitness levels.

So What’s New?

Convict Conditioning 2 introduces

  1. A whole new series of powerful exercise progressions; all of which focus on the ancillary muscles.
  2. A series of extremely beneficial active stretches which he calls the “Trifecta.”
  3. Some other important diet and fitness tips


The Exercises

There are 4 main exercises



Can I get Great Results by Sticking with the First Book Only?

Yes, absolutely.

With the exception of the neck exercises, every workout taught in Convict Conditioning 2 can get an effective workout through following the exercises laid out in the  original Convict Conditioning.

Your forearms and obliques will still feel the burn when you hang from a bar to do pull ups and leg raises. Your calves will still get stronger through doing body weight squats and bridges.

This is not to say that these muscle groups can be as effectively worked out as they would from doing the towel hangs, human flags and calf raises found in Convict Conditioning 2.


So is it Worth it then?

If your goal is to get in tip-top shape, yes.



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In the meantime, you can read the synopsis and book reviews here.