Don’t Be A Wanker! The Truth About Masturbation And Your Health



noun British vulgar slang

wanker; plural noun: wankers

a person who masturbates (used as a term of abuse).

Masturbation Makes a Difference

Sure, that fleeting blast of dopamine in your brain might feel good while it lasts, but take it from me and any other honest man who knows better: it’s not worth it.
The overwhelming scientific evidence and uplifting personal testimonies of men who’ve overcome this unhealthy habit prove the debilitating effects of masturbation to be absolutely undeniable. Some of the most common include:
    • lethargy
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • low testosterone
    • poor concentration
    • sexual dysfunctions

You make yourself inferior in almost every way when you waste your sexual energy on yourself.

A lot of guys have trouble hearing this. They usually resort to all sorts of nonsensical arguments in an attempt to prove otherwise.

Here’s a few of the most common:

“But I don’t feel any worse after I masturbate!”

That’s because you’re body and brain are used to being in a constant state of lethargy. You wouldn’t feel any worse after smoking a cigarette if you’d regularly smoked up to that point. But it’s still bad for you, right?

Try rubbing one out after abstaining for a couple weeks and you’ll be well aware of the damage you just did to yourself.

“But I have to do it so I can fall asleep at  night!”

No, you don’t. There are far better ways you can make use of all that pent up energy than by wasting it in a kleenex.

As a matter of fact, one very common report among men who’ve stopped masturbating is that they’ve overcome sleep insomnia and need less sleep to be fully energized.

“Frequent ejaculation prevents prostate cancer!”

I don’t know where this came from (probably the porn industry), but it just isn’t true.

Some people are intellectual cowards and will only believe whatever confirms their own biases.

It’s very doubtful that any of them looked at any comprehensive studies on the subject such as the one published by The Journal of the American Medical Association, which clearly disproved this myth after examining tens of thousands of men for over a decade.

The Testimonies Don’t Lie

No man wants to stop doing something that brings him pleasure unless he knows it’s for a greater good. If it wasn’t, he’d go right back to doing it.

The following are several examples taken from 157 pages of personal testimonies of men who took on the “NoFap” challenge:

(Day 59) Depression is gone, confidence is there, and anxiety is going away. Making eye contact with women and presenting myself in a confident manner now takes no second thoughts; it is just who I am now.

I think I’m on day thirteen or so now. I feel very focused and can concentrate better than usual. I keep eye contact when talking to people, and socialising feels more stable. I think my voice is deeper and sounds less “bothered” or “troubled” and more clear.

With regards to my own situation – the correlation between porn and ED couldn’t be clearer – ED hit me from out of nowhere and devastated my psyche. However, I’m glad to say that after cutting out porn and masturbation completely for the past month, everything is returning to normal and I’ve seriously never felt better.

I just considered myself a cynical person, and thought that my dark outlook on life was the realistic outlook, and all the happy bubbly people were just fake. Now that I’ve discovered this whole thing of cutting back on orgasms and pornography, I feel like one of those bubbly people. And I notice that the cynical sulky people are just boring, haha.

When I succeed in not ejaculating for more than 10 days, I notice several changes: my voice gets deeper and more charismatic; my personality gets more magnetic; men and women liked to communicate with me more; my eyes brighten; my skin complexion gets better, and overall I have more energy and feel more positive emotions, and have my emotions and thoughts more easily under control.

It’s unbelievable that a few short months ago I had anxiety and panic attacks while doing simple things such as going to the store. Now I feel like I can speak in front of a crowd of people. Then, I was barely on any female‘s radar. Now, they smile at me on the street, or even preen themselves within my vicinity.

I really like where I‘m at now. I am so much calmer. I am losing my rage and anger which I am glad about. I have found out that the temper I had was linked to this addiction.

There’s no reason to believe any of these guys would make this stuff up. Every one of them acknowledges a significant upgrade in their physical and mental well-being because they stopped wasting their seed.

Do the same and you will experience likewise.

sexually charged man

You’ll know it when you feel it.

The Establishment (False) Narrative

It’s too bad (although not surprising) that everything you’ll read from WebMD and most other mainstream medical authorities take an either positive or neutral stance on something so irrefutably negative as masturbation.

This is one of the more blatant examples of how the medical establishment suppresses the truth for the sake of monetary gain.

Their suggested solution for serious health problems like depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, “adult ADHD” and sleep insomnia is for people to waste their money on pharmaceuticals and therapy sessions.

No man should even consider partaking in any of these scams unless he’s tried NoFap for at least a couple weeks.

No-Fap logo

You really have no idea what you’re missing out on until you try  it.

What About Sex With Another Person?

So, all this talk about the power of harnessed sexual energy will inevitably lead one to ask: Do the same principles apply when having sexual intercourse with another person?

Well, the answer isn’t as black and white as you might think.

I cover this topic in my next article:

Using Sexual Energy for Non-Sexual Means

Check it out.

And stop touching yourself while you’re at it.


P.S.: While this article is obviously written for men, it should be noted that many women suffer from porn addiction as well.

If you’re a woman interested in learning more, here’s a good place to start:

4 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Wanker! The Truth About Masturbation And Your Health

  1. Philip Braselmann

    Wanking it everyday ain’t good and fapping to porn will decrease penile sensitivity.

    (I had one of the largest journals on Nofap, it’s still among the largest there)

    However, I got banned because I wrote something anti-NoFap because I had a new perspective. They didn’t want me to grow.

    1. Steeveau Post author

      I think you are right to criticize the guys who get into it for the sole purpose of succeeding with women and end up basing their self-worth around it, but the fact is most of those guys wouldn’t be doing anything with their lives either way. The priority of every no-fapper should be to make himself a better man in general (and thus be more attractive to women as a byproduct rather than an end). Jacking off just makes most guys lethargic and weak-willed.

  2. Hercules

    Pornographie and masturbation is not my problem, it’s my inner weakness. Every damm time I know it’s my descision right now and nothing else. I could do a lot of different things like sport cold showers and all those techniques but I let the weakness often win. This will change, I think my biggest problem is that I don’t have a clear vision an infinite goal and when I look at a lot of people I know who watch porn I assume its the same thing. I made a new plan last week and this time I will succed despite I’m struggeling it’s always taff to give up a habit you had for over 10 years, so much lost time.

    1. Steeveau Post author

      I, too, generally assume that the majority of men who do nothing to improve their lives are chronic wankers. Having a worthwhile goal to be in constant pursuit of is an absolute necessity. Remember the old saying: Idle hands are the devil’s playground.

      Another thing you absolutely need to do to break the habit is avoid any near occasion that will tempt you towards falling back into it. It can be very difficult to have an intense craving for orgasm without following through with it, especially when you’re new to no-fap. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you can handle the temptation and just “tough it out.” You’re most likely going to finish what you started.


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