Healthy Hair Treatment with Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar

In a previous post, I wrote about why you should stop using shampoo. I explained the science behind why it is detrimental to your hair, and provided some links to testimonies of those who’ve benefited from going “no poo.”

If you checked them out, chances are you’ve already come across what I and most others consider to be the best alternative for cleaning and conditioning your hair:

Baking Soda And Apple Cider Vinegar

Baking soda is a mild alkali composed of fine, slightly abrasive particles that effectively break down dirt and grease. Unlike most shampoos, it cleans your hair without stripping it of its natural oils.

Apple cider vinegar is a mildly acidic product that complements the baking soda perfectly by restoring your hair’s natural pH levels. It kills bacteria and helps your hair retain its moisture as well.

These are the only two hair care substances you will ever need. They get the job done quickly and effectively while saving you tons of money.

Making The Hair Treatment Products

You will need two squeeze bottles to begin with.

Fill one with one part baking soda to three parts lukewarm to cold water. (Warm to hot water breaks the baking soda down too much and creates clumps).

Fill the other bottle with one part apple cider vinegar to four parts lukewarm to cold water.

Shake them both up a bit after mixing them and before each usage.

How To Clean And Condition Your Hair

Wet your hair with lukewarm water.

Squeeze the baking soda mixture all over you hair and massage it gently into your scalp.

Let it sit for a minute or two.

Rinse it out completely with lukewarm (NEVER HOT) water.

Then, squeeze the apple cider vinegar mixture all over your  hair and massage it gently, aiming more towards the ends of your hair.

Let it sit for a couple minutes.

Rinse it out with cold water water. (Cold water helps to seal in the moisture.)

Don’t worry, the vinegar smell will cease once your hair is dry.

How Often Should You Do This?

This will vary depending on a multitude of factors such as what hair type you have, how dirty you get it, what you eat, how often you sweat etc.

I have yet to see a source suggest any more than once every two to three days. Many suggest once per week or once every two weeks.

Some say once per month. Others like Andrew W.K. advocate just once every six months:

^^^He’s got a nice head of hair for someone who barely ever washes it, huh?

I personally stick to once a week and am doing just fine with that.

Bakind Soda Hair

A Few Extra Pointers

  • Rinse your hair under running water regularly (i.e. every time you shower). That’s all the maintenance you’ll really need between washing sessions.
  • Don’t use hot water. It loosens your hair too much and washes out the natural oils completely. It’ll also make your hair look really bad.
  • Coconut oil makes for a great leave-in conditioner for your hair if you think a styling product would make it look even better. Simply dabble the tips of your fingers in it and spread it throughout your hair.

Note: Your hair might seem excessively oily the first few weeks without shampoo. This is because you’re scalp needs time to adapt to the changes taking place.

Once the process is complete, you should have the healthiest hair of your life.

Give a try and see for yourself,


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