How to Poop Right (Seriously)

How fluently we are able to poop is not only indicative of our state of digestive health, but highly influential upon it as well.

We all know that diet and exercise have a major impact upon the quality of our bowel movements, but how many people understand the importance of using the proper technique to defecate?

This might surprise you if you haven’t heard it before, but it’s likely true:

You and most people you know don’t poop correctly.

I’ll keep it simple and cut to the chase:

When You Sit to Poop:

The puborectalis muscle partially relaxes, keeping the colon kinked and blocking the flow of waste.

kinked colon poop

This makes the defecation process more strenuous, less natural, messier, more time-consuming and potentially hazardous for your health.

When You Squat to Poop:

The puborectalis muscle fully relaxes, allowing the colon to empty quickly and completely.

open colon poop

This makes the defecation process more comfortable, more natural, cleaner, faster and healthier.

You’re supposed to squat when you poop. It’s that simple.

Squatting makes the experience superior in every way.

You have no idea what you’re missing out on until you try it.

So what to do, then?

Well, to start with, you will need a quality shovel…

quality shovel




Just kidding.

The most practical, effective and efficient device to help you eliminate correctly is none other than the highly accredited Squatty Potty!

Squatty Potty around toilet

This simple yet highly effective device:

  • Enables you to simulate a natural squatting position while still enjoying the benefits of using a toilet.
  • Makes the defecation process significantly easier, quicker and more comfortable while ensuring that every last bit comes out, leaving you feeling completely relieved when you’re done.
  • Drastically reduces the risk for serious toilet related ailments such as constipation, hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Saves you money in the long run by significantly reducing the amount of toilet paper needed for cleanup.
  • Is aesthetically appealing and convenient. You simply pull it out from under the toilet for use and push it right back under when you’re finished.

And if all that isn’t convincing enough, check out the medical case studies and user testimonies from the official Squatty Potty website which back up every benefit they claim their product provides.

For just $24.99, (FREE SHIPPING to Contiguous US and a 60 day money back guarantee) this is an absolutely worthwhile and life-changing investment that everyone concerned with their health, well-being and general comfort should take part in.

Order a Squatty Potty today:

Order Squatty Potty


3 thoughts on “How to Poop Right (Seriously)

  1. Philip Braselmann

    Oh man, guess I am gonna do some extra squatting today.
    Despite this post being about shit, it shows that you are able to write something that most people don’t want to write about, this is the content people look for because they don’t want to read what others have already written 1000 times.

    1. Steeveau Post author

      Thanks, Philip.

      Believe it or not, the vast majority of people actually respond favorably when I tell them I sell Squatty Potties. They either know what I’m talking about and commend me for it, or are interested in learning more.

      And you are definitely right about the importance of covering unique topics. I’m really making a conscious effort to make this place stand out from all the other health and fitness echo chambers.

    2. June Ohm

      I have a squatty potty and it does make a difference. My husband thought I was a bit crazy. I had him read this, hopefully he will try it.


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