The Truth About Shampoo And Why You Shouldn’t Use It

Shampoo advertisements are everywhere. You’d be hard-pressed to watch a couple dozen t.v. commercials and not be exposed to at least one of them.

Perhaps that’s why so many people are surprised when first confronted with the facts that they don’t need shampoo and that it’s loaded with chemicals that are detrimental to their hair.

bad shampoo chemicals

Those of us who accept these facts and act upon them by abstaining from using shampoo are said to be part of a large and widespread movement called “No Poo.”

It doesn’t mean we don’t rinse our hair or clean it otherwise. We just don’t use shampoo to do so.

The Science Of Shampoo

The underlying problem with most shampoos is that they contain synthetic detergents (e.g. sulfates) that strip your hair of its natural oils (sebum), initially drying it out and making it frail and frizzy.

To offset this, your scalp then produces more oil than is needed. This can clog the roots of your hair, thus leading to problems like excessive hair loss and dandruff.

Those of us who don’t use shampoo are far less likely to suffer from these  problems. Not to mention our hair is easier to manage and just looks and feels better.

health realist smooth hair

Soft, smooth, shiny and in place. I didn’t even comb it.

As is often the case with these natural, minimalist approaches to health,
“no poo” has a good chunk of evidence based on the experiences of those who’ve tried it.

No Poo Testimonies

I’m certainly not the first blogger to advocate it. Google search it yourself and you will find dozens of articles (as well as comments underneath them) written by people who’ve tried it and:

  • are finally able to make their hair lie down flat.
  • can keep their hair in place without using any products.
  • no longer suffer from dry/frizzy  hair.
  • have smoother, softer and shinier hair than they’ve ever had before.
  • no longer suffer from dandruff.

The success stories are all over the internet.

Even some mainstream media sources such as The New York Times have touched on the subject a bit:

Last year Richard Glover, a radio host in Sydney, interviewed Matthew Parris, a columnist for The Times of London who hadn’t shampooed for more than a decade.

“So many people called saying that they wanted to try it, too,” Mr. Glover said, that he decided to challenge his audience to go without shampoo for six weeks.

Eighty-six percent of the over 500 participants who reported results said their hair was either better or the same.

In other words, 430 out of 500 people experienced no hair problems whatsoever after not using shampoo for 6 weeks straight. If only that large a percentage of the general population would do the same!

Shampoo is Unnecessary

Go cold turkey. You don’t need it. There are far better ways to clean your hair without damaging it.

Check out my next article to learn a simple, popular and highly effective method for doing so:

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